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FND1001 - Critical Reading and Research 1
Critical Reading and Research 1 introduces students to strategies for reading, analyzing and evaluating texts and other academic sources, and familiarizes them with techniques for written and oral presentation, laying out the basic building blocks for effective research and argumentation at the college level. Studying a selection of texts involving ethical reasoning (topics vary, but may include issues related to social justice, politics, multiculturalism and identity, environmental ethics, among others), the course encourages students to approach academic writing as a multidimensional process that is facilitated by tactical questioning, contextualized reading, and informed analysis. Weekly assignments encourage critical thinking and reflection, preparing students to engage in class debates that consider alternative positions. An iterative process of analysis, writing, presentation, discussion, peer review, and revision in a studio-like format fosters the development of skills for effective and persuasive communication across curricular areas. Please note: This course is composed of two meetings per week: one devoted to content- and skills-based learning, and a second one focused on skills-building workshops. Based on the results of a writing assessment that is administered during the first week of class, students who demonstrate strong analytical and writing skills may be allowed to waive the workshops component of the course.

Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Academic

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