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LIN4008 - Design IV: Professional Practice
This studio is the culmination of the design sequence for the Landscape Design Certificate. Design IV is a design and professional practice alternative to Independent Projects. Design IV will focus on a design project, probably for a local non-profit. In conjunction with design, the studio will include lectures, workshops on presentation skills, cost estimates, contract structures, marketing and client skills, as well as and field trips to sites under construction. Guest presenters will include by contractors, designers and business coaches. The studio is designed to provide students with a comprehensive design project including firsthand experience in how a professional design project is run. Classes meet every week starting in January-May unless otherwise indicated on the syllabus. Design IV will be especially helpful for students who are intending to work in a professional office or open their own design practice. Students in this course must complete Introduction to Vectorworks prior to January studio.

Design Studio
Prerequisites ( LAC108 / Design Studio <min credit = 3.00> or LIN4007 / Design Studio <min grade = D, min credit = 3.00> )
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Academic

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