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FND2007 - Community Practice
This course serves as an introduction to professional design practice and to the values and priorities of the design process at the BAC. Students will learn in both lecture and project-based formats, and will be responsible for working in multiple modes: individually and collaboratively in a team on group projects. CP will use design projects as the vehicle for learning- focused on acquiring and practicing the skills of communication, collaboration and understanding their applications in the civic or public realm. Students will engage in learning by doing, and they will be required to document, reflect, and analyze their work at the end of each of the three modules (communication, collaboration, and community engagement) and at the end of the semester. Students will address the multiple meanings of “community” and will begin to posit the role of the designer, design thinking, and design processes at the interface of community engagement. Students will typically be in one group in Cascieri Hall for the first portion of each class meeting. The remainder of class will be in sections with individual instructors.

Prerequisites (( FND1006 / Lecture <min grade = D, min credit = 2.00> or FND3006 / Lecture <min grade = D, min credit = 2.00> ) and ( FND1008 / Lecture <min grade = D, min credit = 1.00> or FND3008 / Lecture <min grade = D, min credit = 1.00> ))
Corequisites N/A
Fees N/A
Credits 3.00
Credit Types Academic

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